women dysfunctional breathing
Dysfunctional Breathing in Women Dysfunctional breathing can destabilise mind, impact physical performance, muscles, mental concentration, mood and metabolism. They can play a part in, for instance, premenstrual syndrome, chronic fatigue, neck, back and pelvic pain, fibromyalgia and some aspects of anxiety and depression. There is evidence that improving breathing patterns in women can see major improvements...
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erectile dysfunction
Erectile Dysfunction and Dysfunctional Breathing Anxiety and dysfunctional breathing (mouth breathing and upper thorax breathing) are two common factors in Erectile Dysfunction and they in turn are directly related. Poor breathing patterns are common in sufferers of anxiety and anxiety sufferers tend to have poor breathing patterns. What’s more anxiety and poor breathing patterns are...
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anxiety and panic attacks
Anxiety & Panic Attacks Panic attacks and anxiety problems are common in people of all ages and can be very alarming. Panic attacks can have physical symptoms, including an increase in the rate and depth of breathing, shaking, feeling confused or disorientated, rapid heartbeats, dry mouth, sweating, dizziness and chest pain. Anxiety can be constant...
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