About me

I am an FHT accredited breathing trainer, who uses a variety of breathing tools and techniques to help clients improve their breathing patterns and quality of life.  Specifically I have trained with Patric McKeown, leading author and breathing expert at the globally-recognised Buteyko Clinic International and Oxygen Advantage Academy and have been practicing Buteyko breathing for over ten years.

I found Buteyko during a period of unexpected ill health when I was struggling with a variety of physical and mental symptoms, which the doctors couldn’t explain.  They wanted to put me on a drug regime, but I did my own research and discovered that changing my breathing significantly improved my symptoms.

The Breathing Studio

I have set up the Breathing Studio so that I can share the benefits of enhanced breathing with others who are struggling with health and mental health issues.  Like many people, the stresses of everyday life affected me to the point where they were determined to make me make positive life changes, and I am so grateful to have found breathing practice and Buteyko in particular.

I come from a background in corporate marketing, having worked for a range of large corporates such as BT and Airmiles, always putting the consumer at the heart of everything.  Now I am transferring those skills to helping individuals take charge of their own health.  I have experienced a host of personal challenges over the years including redundancy, adoption, parenting children with special needs and life-threatening illness, bereavement and of course the latest challenge of COVID.  I am therefore able to empathise with whatever you are going through and offer my experience to help you on your journey.

Contact Nigel at The Breathing Studio

If you’re ready to reclaim your health by utilising your breath, contact me using this form.