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Whether you’re looking for an answer to a health problem, or to improve your performance, the great thing about learning to breathe properly is that it’s suitable for anyone; women, men and children. I’ve helped people from all kinds of backgrounds resolve their ailments. Whether you’re looking for help with controlling your anxiety or looking to stop that persistent cough, The Breathing Studio can help.

As well as working with individuals, I help companies to improve the mental and physical health of their staff. When their wellbeing improves, their performance does too. I see it time and time again. As a former employee of large corporations, I know how stress can take its toll and with the added impact of COVID, learning how to regulate your stress levels using your breath is all the more important.

Helping You

Men, Women and Children

helping men to breathe properly


If you need help with stress at work, allergies, sleep apnea, snoring, lower back pain or erectile dysfunction, I can help you.
helping women to breathe properly


In addition to the medical ailments, I can help women to resolve symptoms associated with menopause and their monthly cycle.
helping children to breathe properly


Dysfunctional breathing in children can lead to ADHD, asthma, reduced concentration and impact facial & dental development.
improve employee wellbeing
Let me help your business improve the wellbeing and performance of your staff.

Client testimonial

Optimising health

The Breathing sessions that I participated in with Nigel, have been immensely helpful in identifying my breathing patterns and unhelpful habits. The exercises practiced during the sessions have helped to correct these, particularly with the shallow chest breathing that I have somehow adopted as my norm.

The online zoom facility was much appreciated by me as I do not live locally to Nigel and it worked surprisingly well. Even though we were not in the same room, Nigel could observe and put me back on track.

It was good to be given homework so that I could practice the strategies in between sessions.

I definitely recommend Nigel Grimes and his teaching of improving breathing methods.

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