November 24, 2020
chronic fatigue syndrome cfs
Chronic Fatigue If you are one of the people suffering from chronic fatigue (also known as ME), you have probably tried various techniques and supplements to bring your body back to a state of health. Sadly, most often, nothing seems to work.  Symptoms such as extreme tiredness, joint pain and anxiety and depression, persist, even...
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Fibromyalgia causes widespread pain and extreme tiredness and can be extremely debilitating to live with. The specific symptoms can vary from person to person but the main symptom is pain all over the body. It is not clear what causes it, but it often starts after a stressful event like an injury, illness or emotional...
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Changes in temporomandibular pain and other symptoms across the menstrual cycle
Abstract The objective of this study was to assess changes in levels of clinical temporomandibular (TMD) pain in relation to phases of the menstrual cycle. TMD cases were 35 women not using oral contraceptives (OCs); 35 women using OCs; and 21 men. Controls were 35 normally cycling women without TMD or other chronic pains. Subjects...
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Symptoms of premenstrual syndrome may be caused by hyperventilation
Objective: To determine whether women with premenstrual syndrome (PMS) differ from healthy women in the extent of hyperventilation during the luteal phase of the cycle. Design: Case report. Setting: Medical university. Patient(s): Three reproductive-age women with severe symptoms of PMS in whom dramatic decline in end-tidal PCO2 (PETCO2) occurred during the luteal phase of the...
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