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Enabling your staff to enjoy good mental and physical health is a must these days, especially with Covid resulting in pressures on the workforce like never before.  Staff are often working from home and not enjoying the face to face interactions which were always a key part of the working day.  In many companies, employees are increasingly isolated, worried about their jobs and the health of themselves and their loved ones, concerned about the future and their children’s life chances.  In short, we are living through challenging times!

Good Breathing techniques and exercises are an essential piece of our armoury in optimising our wellbeing. What’s more combining correct breathing with meditation and immediate calming techniques offer an effective means of relieving stress and creating an environment in which your employees can thrive, wherever they are.

By offering your staff an opportunity to learn good breathing practice and to be able to pause and reflect, if only for twenty minutes a week, you can start tapping into the benefits which many corporations have discovered that this practice can bring to their businesses – a more relaxed, reflective, curious and creative workforce, lower levels of absenteeism and higher productivity.

Companies already investing in this amazing and most natural resource include Google, GlaxoSmithKline, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Transport for London.

I previously spent my working life in companies large and small serving customers on the front line through to achieving marketing executive positions with large corporates such as Centrica, BT, Royal Bank of Scotland and Airmiles.  Working on my own to managing large teams in-house and remotely, I am perfectly poised to deliver wellness solutions from breathing, to meditation through to managing anxiety sessions to corporate clients, as I have the credibility to work with your staff.

Sessions can be tailored to the needs of the business – for example, half hour sessions once a week at a regular time or a session added on to the beginning or end of team meetings.  All delivered to wherever they are via zoom.  Sessions can be taped and watched over and over again.  Individual sessions are also available to those members of staff who want to explore specific or a breadth of wellness solutions in more detail.

If you have to make employees redundant, I can offer outplacement support to help them with the anxiety and fear they may experience as they transition their careers. Ensuring a balanced perspective and giving them practical tools will help them create a more positive outlook and I can work with them to help them define and manifest their goals and desires. Providing ex staff with a support package can have huge benefits for companies as the staff depart with as positive an experience of the company as possible, making them feel valued through what is a particularly stressful period.  Packages can be tailored to individual company and employee needs.


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