women dysfunctional breathing
PMS are a familiar and often challenging aspect of many women’s lives. While hormonal fluctuations play a significant role in these symptoms, there’s another, less-known factor that might be exacerbating the discomfort: poor breathing patterns. Below, we explore the connection between breathing habits and PMS, shedding light on how mindful breathing practices can offer relief...
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I was delighted to be a guest on Noel McDermott’s Wellbeing Show Broadcast at 9pm on Wednesday 04 October. The Wellbeing Show will broadcast at 9pm (UK) on Wednesday 04 October.     The show was broadcast simultaneously on Facebook and YouTube.
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Dr Konstantin Buteyko
The History of Buteyko The Buteyko method was originally developed in the 1950s by Russian physiologist Konstantin Buteyko in Russia. Dr. Buteyko discovered the method as a result of trying to address his own dangerously high blood pressure at the age of 26 while he was studying at the First Moscow Institute of Medicine. At...
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