November 21, 2020
Phasic Menstrual Cycle Effects on the Control of Breathing in Healthy Women
Abstract This study examined the effects of menstrual cycle phase on ventilatory control. Fourteen eumenorrheic women were studied in the early follicular (FP; 1–6 days) and mid-luteal (LP; 20–24 days) phase of the menstrual cycle. Blood for the determination of arterial PCO2 (PaCO2 ), plasma strong ion difference ([SID]), progesterone ([P4]), and 17-estradiol ([E2]) concentrations...
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Age-related decline in women’s lung function may speed up during and after menopause, a recent study suggests. Past research has shown that young women can boost their lung function through their mid-twenties by following a healthy lifestyle that includes getting plenty of aerobic exercise and avoiding cigarettes. After that, lung function declines gradually, and the...
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